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Worth Knowing

On your marks, get set, ..?

At the launch site the sail will be spread according to the weather conditions. After the necessary safety check, a detailed briefing and a trial run only a few steps suffice to fill the sail with air and take off. The transition in both flight and landing is gentle and harmonious.

Given that paragliding highly depends on the weather and safety has priority, it unfortunately happens sometimes that there may be delays in appointments. We appreciate your understanding.

Age limit?

Paragliding is not strenuous, so it is suitable for all ages.

Weight restriction?

40-100 kg (90-220 pounds) body weight can be realized easily. Please specify during notification if you are in the lower or upper range.

Physical fitness?

For your safety, it is important that you inform us in cases of known symptoms such as circulatory or dizziness problems, just as in the case of pregnancy. Otherwise you do not need special conditional requirements or technical skills.

At start you must run a few meters with your pilot. So please also inform us about previous leg surgeries, bone fractures or torn tendons.

We alight by running together two or three meters or (the more comfortable version) by lifting the feet and landing softly while sitting.

Specific clothing?

You only need solid shoes as well as seasonal clothing and optionally sun protection.

If requested, we can arrange a pick up service from your hotel and back

Unless otherwise agreed, we meet at the ferry in Órzola about 15 minutes before the start.

You can request a movie or photos of your adventure

Photos or movie each 15 €
Special offer: Photos and film altogether 20 €